Strategy: Plan, then buy, then build.

22 Jul

This blog will be a little different than most home construction blogs as I’m going to make as many of my decisions as possible before I start spending money in earnest.

In a project like this I feel it’s unwise to make decisions under pressure — the result is usually spending too much or not researching enough to find the exact right solution.

Also, I do not want to just charge ahead and begin building a house only to later make compromises or have problems that could have been avoided in the planning stage, so before I begin construction or acquiring materials I’m going to work to try to meet all my criteria.

Once the plan is complete, I will acquire as many of the materials as possible (everything from lumber to light switches to appliances), before the first nail goes in.

Finally, once I have a plan, the tools, and the materials ready, I will build. Because of all the preparation and readiness I think the build itself will happen relatively quickly.

So instead of a blogging about a long build process, there will be a few months of posts about research and planning, then the shortest part will be about the construction. 🙂


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