Tiny sun house floorplan

23 Aug

When I began the project I listed my criteria for my tiny house:

  • a bathtub, not just a shower
  • a sink in the bathroom
  • a walk-in closet or changing room for getting dressed in privacy and for easy access to stored clothing
  • a house wide enough that six or more people could sit in the great room around a dinner table
  • at least two private areas (rooms or lofts)
  • can sleep two couples comfortably full time with room for a third couple to sleep over
  • no need to stoop over to access a dorm room fridge beneath a counter
  • a large freezer and a large refrigerator
  • a convection oven and a microwave oven
  • two cooktop burners
  • higher water pressure than a basic gravity system
  • house can operate off-grid for at least 1 month without refueling in case electrical, water, and/or gas hookups are not available
  • windows in every room

I put perhaps five 40-hour weeks into researching and developing the layout, house design, and exact size (and in some cases, brand and model number) of just about everything that will go into the house: Which toilet, which water heater, fridge, cabinets, sofa, sinks, burners, tub, flooring, counter height, windows, etc.

Using wooden doors, big sheets of cardboard, and a measuring tape I mocked up and tested various room combinations to see what dimensions worked and what didn’t.

I sat in my bathtub to see the mininum and maximum height the bathroom window should be in my tiny house.

I arranged chairs around a small table in my kitchen and set the table with plates and serving dishes to see how various layouts worked in real life – how much room each person would need while still leaving room for shared dishes, etc.

I mocked up a sleeping loft and had my daughter test it out to see how it worked for sitting, playing, and curling up (she gets to make the decisions regarding her loft, and loves it).

As a result, I have met all my criteria in a house that’s the same size as a Tumbleweed. I hope my design, ideas, and my tiny house can help inspire others who are interested in small living but don’t want to decrease convenience from their current level.

I’ll clean up the floorplan so others can understand it, and post it here shortly!


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