Yard beautification

9 Sep

Today I scored a free faux rock fountain, and while I was driving away I spotted a nice porcelain sink set out next to someone’s garbage cans, so I picked that up too. It’s the wrong size for my tiny house, but I’ll keep it out of the landfill by donating it to ReStore where someone can purchase and make use of it.

The rock fountain is to beautify my backyard a bit. It’s a fairly large yard but it’s along one side it’s bordered by one of those tall, tan cinder block walls. There are a few small trees growing alongside the wall but definitely not enough to de-ugly it. I set up the fountain against the wall near where the tiny house will go, and I’ll plant some kind of climbing vines to cover the wall there.

My friend Jeff is a Hollywood special effects guy  – a hands-on guy, not digital effects – who has probably made every realistic animatronic animal you’ve ever seen on TV or in the movies. The badgers in the Honda commercial, the impaled ox in True Blood, the bird thing in Robin Williams’ What Dreams May Come, etc… all him. Anyway he is also incredible at faux architectural finishes so I’ll get his input on how to make the fountain look even more like real rock.


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