Toilet and plumbing stuff

10 Sep

Today I scored a free, new, never used sump tank and pump for septic systems.

I’d like to go with either a nice composting toilet or a nice incinerating toilet, but I’m not going to spend a big chunk of money without doing all my research first. I’ll need something in the interim so I’ll start with a conventional toilet while I do my research and make a decision on which “green” toilet to get.

But how to get the waste water from the flushed toilet to my septic tank? That’s where this sump tank and pump come in.

With a sump pump sewage system, the waste water leaves the toilet and passes through a grinder pump that breaks up all the waste from the house into smaller pieces (so it doesn’t damage the sump pump, and so the waste can be broken down by the bacteria in the septic tank). The waste water then enters the sump tank, which is buried in the ground.

When the sump tank fills up enough, a sump pump inside the tank turns on, and pumps the waste water through a buried pipe running across the yard to the septic tank.

The tank didn’t come with a grinder pump, but I already own the solution: An InSinkerator! Yep, a garbage disposal unit. I got one a while back off Freecycle thinking it might come in handy for just such a use. In fact I saw a guy use one for this same purpose, to drain his RV wastewater tank:


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