Door thoughts

15 Sep


Picked up two more free entry doors today. So far none of the doors I’ve obtained have met my needs. They’re either the wrong type (e.g. closet doors), too big, too painted (I don’t want to spend forever stripping them), or too flimsy.

There will be only two doors inside my little house: the bathroom door and the wardrobe door. Having some personal private space at times is a very necessary component for people to stay happy, so I want maximum privacy for whoever is in either of those spaces.  This means those doors should transmit as little sound as possible, so people can get dressed or use the restroom without feeling like everyone else in the house can hear every rustle of clothing or whatever; and so a person can get away from the rest of the house for a little while, like when taking a bath.

So, those doors shouldn’t be hollow. I’m considering filling regular inside doors with expanding foam to make them better insulated against sound. I think it might make them bulge out, though, so if I do it, I’ll need to do something like lay them on the ground and cover them with a stack of other doors while filling them.

I’ll also add weatherstripping or a felt strip along the sides, top, and bottom to seal them better.


2 Responses to “Door thoughts”

  1. gregor October 4, 2010 at 8:11 pm #

    For soundproofing, foam will do very little. See my post “lighter soundproofing”. What you want is a heavy, exterior door,or just a piece of 1/2 or 3/4 plywood. weatherstripping works for the seal, the closed cell neoprene stuff is what is used by the pros.

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