Improved refrigerator for homes with solar and/or wind power, Part 2

17 Sep

I spoke with the Founder and CEO of Sundanzer today. He is an engineer who worked on NASA’s refrigeration programs and currently does a lot of military development work.  Even from what little I had read about him I knew he was a sharp guy, as he built a solar-powered car back in 1973(!).

He was very knowledgable and very pleasant to talk with. We talked about my ideas to integrate SunDanzer’s products (ideas on insulation, placement of the compressor and heat exchanger, my dual-mode thermostat controller concept, etc.) and he gave me plenty of input based on his decades of hands-on experience.

When we were hanging up, he added that SunDanzer is working on a thermostatic controller that, among other things, can provide a cooling strategy like the controller I mentioned I’m going to build. He told me to call him when I’m ready because maybe he can save me the trouble of building my own controller unit. Sweet! Definitely not the kind of CEO one might expect.


One Response to “Improved refrigerator for homes with solar and/or wind power, Part 2”

  1. Grant Wagner October 5, 2010 at 2:13 pm #

    I had a similar feeling about passive solar housing. This is another situation in which a lot of small manual adjustments due to climate (as well as some educated construction) can add up to near 0 artificial heating and cooling needs.

    I thought a smart controller, using a micro processor would be a great solution to open and close insulated shutters and windows to make the best of the prevailing sun and wind. Being both a DIY and a software engineer, I found the Arduino Platform ( to be an ideal starting point. I hope to make a controller that not only will pay attention to immediate input such as temperature, available power and sunlight level, but also predict the future by listening to internet based weather predictions.

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