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Here we go!

27 Feb

I’ve finally sorted out my design and have successfully met all my criteria.

I’ve figured out a way to package:

  • a full height apartment fridge
  • full size bathtub (actually… a longer-than-standard one!)
  • full height apartment fridge
  • living room that can seat 6 at a table… it’s 7-1/2 feet by 8-1/2 (The largest Tumbleweeds on wheels are 1 shorter and 1 foot narrower)
  • a changing room / laundry room (with stacked washer/dryer) with lots of clothing storage between the bathroom and the living room.
  • packaged all this in a house only 18′ long.

The changing room / laundry room / wardrobe was critical for me. I want people to have some privacy in the bathroom and not feel like anyone in the living room can hear every rustle of clothing or every noise, and stepping out of the shower into the living room or kitchen as in a Tumbleweed doesn’t work for me. Climbing up a ladder in a towel is a no go for most people (lol), and so is getting dressed laying down in a loft anyhow (ever try to get dressed in a car? It’s impossible) (on second thought, that may be incriminating, so don’t answer that ;))

Plus, in all the tiny houses on wheels I’ve ever seen, your clothes aren’t near the shower, so now what? And there isn’t room for many clothes. Every girl I’ve ever known needs to change clothes a couple times before feeling happy so I think a Tumbleweed would get old for them really quick.

The way I’ve solved these issues is completely different from what’s been done out there and very exciting. Can’t wait to unveil it! 🙂

So now that I’m done planning, sourcing, and accumulating materials, fixtures, and appliances… it’s time to begin building!

I’ve decided to use SIP construction.  Lighter, stronger, better-insulated, more fireproof, less environmental impact, and far easier and faster to build. Habitat for Humanity erected a house in Idaho recently in 45 minutes! The home was finished in 4-1/2 days.  Obviously that’s with a crew, but the potential is clear.

I was able to negotiate a discount on my SIPs, but I need to buy the entire batch and it’s about twice as many as I need. So, I did a guest post on Tinyhouseblog looking for locals who might want to split the batch with me and get a serious discount.

I’ve already gotten some nice inquiries from locals, some who want in on the deal, some who lack funds or aren’t ready and want advice or help, and some who just want to come help me build it! So that’s very cool.

Because I’ve put a ton of time and effort into research and preparation, I’ve found many ways to save money and increase quality or at the very least, get the same quality for less money. I’ll post about this in the next couple days in hopes it can help someone build their dream.

Thanks for all the support and interest, everybody!