I’m sharing the design and build of my tiny house.

A little about me:

I’m living in a four-bedroom, 1.75-bathroom home on a half-acre in Southern California. The house is probably 6 times bigger than what is needed to maintain the same or better quality of life.

I have long thought about:

  • how little space is actually used on a daily basis in my current house.
  • how few of the things in my current house are needed, wanted, utilized, enjoyed, or even seen.
  • of the things I do use, how few of them are used frequently.
  • how stuff doesn’t equal happiness.
  • how the more things I own, the more weighed-down I feel.

A little about my tiny house:

I had seen Dee Williams on the news in the past and although her house is beautiful, it did not inspire me to live similarly due to its austerity (no running water, no shower, no fridge or freezer, no space for guests to socialize).

Then in July, 2010, I saw Yahoo!’s mini-feature on Jay Shafer. It grabbed my attention, perhaps becauseĀ his Epu looked a bit cozier than Dee’s house. I watched several videos on Youtube featuring Jay and Tumbleweed Tiny Houses, as well as on other people (like Bakari Kafele or Peter King) choosing to live simply and responsibly, and I became even more inspired.

When I was younger I was interested in the acquisition of money and things as I thought these were sources of happiness — they can be, but not to as large a degree as we may think. Now that I am a father I realize nothing is as important as either time or living your beliefs; that money in and of itself creates no happiness, and material things rarely create deep or enduring pleasure. (Interesting article: But Will It Make You Happy? – NYtimes.com)

I decided to simplify and downsize, and see how I like it.
This includes building and living in a tiny house.

I’m calling it “tiny sun house” as it’s going to have a lot of natural light inside, and generate some of its electrical power and heat from the sun. I’m going to blog about it in hopes that it may assist or inspire someone just as Yahoo!’s video on Jay inspired me.


One Response to “About”

  1. Richard Bell March 5, 2012 at 7:04 pm #

    A great plan ….I also live in SoCal, in a 1960’s bungalow of 2200 sq feet which has gone down in value in the last 8 years….. I am from the UK and have a ” Tiny House By the Sea ” back in England which is under 400 Sq Ft …… when we are there my wife and I are just as happy, if not happier in the small space. I have been a fan of SIP panels for many years for lots of reasons. Good luck with the project and I very much look forward to your updates. If you would like to have more info of our place in the UK don’t hesitate to get in touch. CHEERS Richard Bell, Dana Point , CA

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